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Improvement Log

Submitted 5/23/13:

...within an assembly diagram, there is no "page forward" or "page back" button to view the other diagrams.

Completed 8/2/13:

"Page forward" and "page back" buttons are now implemented.

Submitted 5/13/13:

...need to see model and figure number on page when printing an assembly diagram.

Completed 7/2/13:

Model number and figure now appear on assembly diagram print outs.

Submitted 4/1/13:

...would like to land on "Search" first instead of "Browse" when you click on "Find Parts by Model."

Completed 5/3/13:

User now arrives at the "Search" option within "Find Parts by Model."

Submitted 3/15/13:

..."Home" button is at the bottom-left side of every page and is hard to find to go back to the homepage.

Completed 3/20/13:

"Home" button is now at the top-left of each page.

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