New Holland Lights

This harvest, lighten up.

Extend your harvest - safely - with LED lights from your New Holland dealer. With solid state
construction - meaning there are no breakable bulbs or fragile filaments - LEDs are designed
to withstand applications where bumps, curves and potholes would cause traditional work
lights to prematurely fail.

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Better visibility, less operator fatigue

The closest thing to real daylight is LED. The crisp, bright white light and superior beam patterns cover more area than traditional lights and can help reduce operator fatigue.

Superior strength

LED lights are sturdier—without fragile bulbs, filaments or electrodes. For harsh, long days in the field, nothing is tougher.

Time and money savings

LED lights last longer than alternative artificial light sources (incandescent, halogen and HID lights), saving you money and time over the life of your machine.

Quick and easy installation

Our LED lights are easy to install on any machine—simply bolt them on and wire them up.

Decreased drain on your equipment

LED lights are ideal for machine productivity—particularly in older equipment—since they require fewer amps.


Other lights might save you money at the parts counter—but LED lights offer far greater value over the life of your machine. In fact, one LED light can outlast more than 300 incandescent bulbs.

Watch the video below to learn more about the advantages of LED lights.

lights graphs

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