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Edge AGM

Edge Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

  • 48-month free replacement
  • Longer battery life and increased endurance
  • High vibration resistance and decreased damage and corrosion
  • Enhanced charge acceptance for faster re-charge, even under extreme conditions
  • Non-spillage AGM construction
  • Battery may be oriented on the side
Edge AGM


  • 40-month free replacement
  • Silver Shield advanced cast grid technology for improved endurance
  • Heavy-duty plates stand up to challenging operating conditions
  • Heavy cast-on straps provide less cracking, stronger connections and longer battery life
  • Stabl-LokĀ® anchored plates protect against vibration damage
  • Suitcase handle allows for convenient grip and ease of installation


  • 30-month free replacement
  • Race-proven, Stabl-LokĀ® Insulation prevents shorts and prolongs battery life. Also adds a measure of protection against high underhood temperatures and punishing vibration.
  • Rugged, durable design and improved connections between plates and straps means a more reliable product start-after-start
  • Thicker grids versus ordinary car batteries to withstand more discharge/recharge cycles
  • Cold Cranking Amps exceed original equipment requirements
  • Maximum reserve capacity minutes to operate emergency equipment and on-board accessories


  • 20-month free replacement
  • Starting power and reserve capacity exceed original equipment specifications

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