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Marine & RV


  • Marine Starting, Marine/RV Dual Purpose, and Marine/RV Deep Cycle
  • Marine Starting Batteries feature calcium/calcium construction for maintenance-free performance. Polypropylene, deep pocket separators extend battery life, improve reliability, and virtually eliminate shorts.
  • Marine/RV Dual Purpose Batteries feature lead/antimony construction for reliable starting power and cycling capabilities. Add water from time-to-time to maintain full-cycling performance.
  • Marine/RV Deep Cycle Batteries use thick cast grids to protect the plates from heat buildup in deep discharge/recharge cycles.
Lawn & Garden

Lawn & Garden

  • Consistent, maintenance-free starting power
  • Perfect for light duty, garden tractor, utility, snow blower, and snowmobile applications
  • L-type terminals fit most cable assemblies for quick and easy installation
  • Maintenance-free calcium/calcium construction
  • Polypropylene container reduces breakage and creates more room for power-producing plates
  • Heat-sealed case-to-cover resists damage from vibration and abuse
Lawn & Garden

Power Sports

  • SuperCrank Xtra AGM
  • SuperCrank Select AGM
  • SuperCrank High Performance
  • SuperCrank Conventional
Golf Cart

Golf Cart & Electric Vehicle

  • Twist and release all vent caps with one twist for quick and easy maintenance
  • Stainless steel terminals resist corrosion and allow for easy installation
  • Check water level easily with split ring indicator
  • Thicker, 5% antimony plates ensure slower discharge and recharge cycles, withstand high internal heat and improve cycle life
  • Flex-Sil® rubber sheet separators enhance the battery’s ability to take and maintain the charge, throughout its life
  • Heat sealed container eliminates leaks
Golf Cart & Electric Vehicle

Japanese Industrial Standard


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