New Holland Batteries

Power your harvest

Don't risk your productivity with standard car batteries. Batteries from your New Holland dealer were engineered
specifically with your equipment in mind—and built to take a beating in the fields.

New Holland smart start™ Premium Heavy-Duty Batteries are the toughest you can buy!

The value in batteries is more than skin deep. Though they all look similar on the outside, there are substantial differences in design, construction and materials. For farm and construction equipment, you want a premium heavy-duty battery that is built to handle tough, off-road conditions. The number one killer of off-road batteries is vibration, and New Holland Smart Start Premium Heavy-Duty batteries are built to take a pounding! New Holland Premium Heavy-Duty batteries are designed to better handle the vibration and jolts that can literally knock the life out of automotive batteries.

  • Epoxy anchoring reduces grid plate vibration and short-circuiting, holding much better than commonly used hot-melt glues.
  • Superior intercell connectors prevent cell-to-cell leakage on steep grades to ensure reliable battery operation.
  • Special alloy grids retain a charge longer and accept it quicker-critical for off-road equipment that typically sits unused for long periods of time.
  • Computerized radial grids ensure the shortest, most direct flow to the terminal for quick starting and recharging.
  • Envelope separations prevent grid-to-grid contact, promoting longer battery life.
  • Flame arrester allows gas to escape, but keeps external flames or sparks from entering the battery.

Maintenance Matters

Did you know that New Holland maintenance products are designed to work more efficiently with your machine than any others on the market?

  • Our filters feature a synthetic, multi-layer, gradient density media that outperforms competitive cellulose and paper media two-to-one.
  • Latest technology in New Holland fluids gives your equipment lifebloods the best performance, reliability and life with simplicity of use for new and legacy machines.
  • Our premium heavy-duty batteries were designed to better handle vibration - the number-one killer of off-road batteries - for extended life.

For combines model-year 2012 and newer, there’s an important Tier 4-related change to keep in mind.
Watch our Smart Tips video below to learn more.

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