New Holland Reman Gearbox

New Holland Remanufactured Gearboxes - Mower Conditioners

New Holland remanufactured gearboxes from CNH REMAN are more than just a great value. They come ready to install, so technicians can turn around jobs faster, giving you less downtime. Plus, they carry a full 12-month warranty, which is actually 6 months longer than a new one. With CNH REMAN, you get trusted parts for trusted performance every time.

Gearbox Certification Process

  • Gearboxes are totally disassembled, cleaned and completely inspected
  • All componentsare measured to OEM specifications
  • Components that don't meet specifications are machined or replaced with new
  • Gearboxes are pressure tested to ensure proper seals
  • Spin testing simlates true operation and ensures all torque specifications are correct

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